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On 1. August 2016 we took a deep breath. Then we threw the mooring lines and sailed out of Humlebæk harbor.

A month later we reached Travemünde. We unstepped the mast and sailed into Germany. When we had sailed across Europe (through the backyard so to speak) we came out into the Mediterranean - a few miles west of Marseilles.

We have been sailing here since.

We have got many new impressions and experiences. Overcome big and small challenges. Met different environments and interesting people. Learned a lot. Traveled far away from Heron during the winter months. Been worried (mostly fortunately without reason). Changed plans (almost constantly) and had joys and sorrows.

On this site we have described our journey through stories, films and tweets

Route and logbook

The logbook is on the "TIMELINE" tab

On volcanoes

Reading time: 7 minutes Arrivederci PalermoWhen we were getting ready to sail from Palermo, the next day's weather forecast was heavy winds. From the south. Further afield, the wind would come from the north. So offshore winds on the route we were going to sail. But strong winds blowing down from high mountains and met by onshore winds a few


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